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John Pejchl

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You likely requested this because you need a direct response copywriter who specializes in Self-Help and Personal Development. No doubt you are looking for a writer on the cutting edge of email autoresponders, landing pages, special reports and others. Whatever your reason for contacting me, you want to know more about me before you hire me to write for you.


My Information Packet

Clients and Experience

AIU Online University

Brown and Joseph

Metalworking Technologies

Oxford Bank

Chase Bank

ReMax Real Estate

Coldwell Banker

Century 21 Real Estate



What Others are Saying

“…ability to communicate is excellent…”

There are many people I talk to throughout the week, and it’s hard to get a good conversation going. They are like a deer in the headlights. You will have a unique answer to a question like that, and you will go more in depth than the simple answer. Joe Groenhof

“…rare blend of practicality and people skills…”

You naturally put people at ease. You are a careful, logical thinker, and you are willing to take calculated risks after due consideration. Linda Keefer

“…when you connect with someone you go beyond the surface…”

When you connect with someone you go beyond the surface, to dig deep and find out about the person. When you speak to someone, it feels like you have all your attention on them. Irene Scott

Contact Me

I am available Monday through Friday, from 1 to 3 pm (Eastern Time). The best way to reach me is by phone at (224) 565-4247. My email is also available at

+(224) 565-4247

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